PHOTTIX Mitros TTL Flash for Canon Update

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PHOTTIX Mitros TTL Flash for Canon Driver

The fully featured TTL and HSS enabled Phottix Mitros flash unit for Canon is now available online from the Phottix Online Store. Be sure to. Take the Phottix Mitros flash, for instance. It's a high-end TTL flash designed to compete with Canon's EX II at well over half the price. Phottix Mitros Features. GN - 58 Canon-Compatible TTL Flash; Built-in - Phottix Odin Transmitter and Receiver and Strato Receiver; Optical Slave.

PHOTTIX Mitros TTL Flash for Canon Drivers Mac

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PHOTTIX Mitros TTL Flash for Canon Driver

Additionally, this flash unit features full manual controls and customizable shooting options that include high-speed sync and stroboscopic shooting modes.

The flash runs on 4 AA batteries and comes with an attachable diffuser for softening light when needed. Other accessories include a soft case, 3. Radio transmission is compatible with Odin and Strato II wireless triggering systems up to ' away.

Phottix Mitros+ Review – the Best Flash System You Have Never Heard of

Wireless functionality via optical pulses in 4 channels and 3 groups with a range of up to Canon's model integrates a sliding lock, which prevents it from opening accidentally. In addition, the Mitros's external power outlet is reversed from that of the EX II's, and requires the included adapter in order to emulate Canon's setup. Last, the Mitros lacks a flash bracket mounting hole, which might be a deterrent to some. These traits were certainly not deal-breakers for me, though a few may be inconvenienced by the lack of uniformity between Canon and Phottix models.

Ports include power, 3. The PHOTTIX Mitros TTL Flash for Canon door and flash head pivot hinge lack locking mechanisms. When it comes to the rear control panels, the Canon still holds the edge over Phottix.

Phottix Mitros TTL Transceiver Flash for Nikon - Lightly

While I appreciate the Mitros's abundance of button controls, I prefer the EX II's command dial, especially when it comes to quickly adjusting flash exposure compensation on the fly. The Mitros has an old-school 4-way directional pad with a Select button embedded in the middle. This is a personal preference, however, as the Mitros successfully rifles through menu options with ease. In some cases, actions like adjusting the zoom focal length are quicker with PHOTTIX Mitros TTL Flash for Canon Mitros because pressing the Up and Down controls instantly shuffle between increments.

Phottix Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flash for Canon, Nikon, Sony

Text on the Mitros's LCD screen was larger and easier to read, and the backlight is a PHOTTIX Mitros TTL Flash for Canon green hue. Finally, the overall build quality of the Mitros is solid, but the fit and finish of the EX II is a bit more polished. The Mitros copies Canon's rubberized shoe lock module, as both parts appear and perform identically. In addition, the AA battery configuration on the Mitros is oddly configured, placing the top two on a horizontal angle and bottom two vertically stacked compared to the square configuration on the EX II.

This, of course, did not affect performance in the least bit, but it's worth noting for the sake of its unconventional design.

Phottix Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flash for Canon, Nikon, Sony

While the Mitros may not rise to the echelon that the EX II resides upon, it proves itself as a very well-built and easy to navigate unit. FEB Flash Exposure Bracketing is also available and increments are fully adjustable up to three full PHOTTIX Mitros TTL Flash for Canon. Zoom flash output can be set to Auto, which I found to perform adequately, or manually adjusted from 24mmmm.

Driver for PHOTTIX Mitros TTL Flash for Canon

A 1-second modeling flash is available in all three modes on the Mitros. In addition, recycling time with the Mitros is slightly behind Canon's model.

I shot 10 single exposures with each flash model and recorded the duration of the recharge lamp illuminations. The Phottix Mitros averages a 3. Granted, I could ignore the recharge lamp and continue to shoot single exposures without much of a performance difference, but this speed gap caught up with me in burst mode.

A look at the LCD screen. A view from the front. The numbers differ greatly while shooting continuous exposures.

Phottix Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flash for Canon Cameras PH

An advantage of the Mitros is that it has an indicator to see how much battery life left, which is absent in the Canon EX II. I was asked to do a beach shoot at 1 p. It should be quite attractive to Nikon shooters PHOTTIX Mitros TTL Flash for Canon I think Nikon have yet to release a flash with a built-in radio transceiver. Conclusion Things really have moved on for third party flash manufacturers in the last few years.

When I first researched into non-proprietary flash systems, they were generally cheaper, but vastly inferior product to the brand name equivalents. Phottix as a company feels like they are selling products designed by photographers, and have really listened to their customers.

PHOTTIX Mitros TTL Flash for Canon XP

The Phottix Odin radio trigger system fully deserves all the praise it gets. PocketWizard, which has historically commanded such a market dominance in this sector, should be well aware of the new competition — which I think is a good thing.

PHOTTIX Mitros TTL Flash for Canon Vista


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